Aparthotel Miami Park is very pleased to support sports and our facilities encourage both professional, amateur and enthusiastic cyclists.

Calella is recognized as a Sports Tourism Destination and has become a sports reference for sport lovers around the globe.

The town offers a variety of activities like the Calella-Barcelona Cycling Experience involving itineraries with different levels of difficulty, an annual Ironman, and it has even invested plenty of resources in favor to Triathlons and BTT Training.

Nautical Sports have definitely been a trending choice and continue to offer an array of possibilities to visitors. An Olympic Pool in the area attracts athletes from the whole planet.



As members of the Watersportcenter, the Aparthotel Miami Park clients will enjoy a 20% of discount in all the available activities. The kayak is free.



Here is a list of the available activities:









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  • Windsurf 

  • Standup Paddle

  • Slider 

  • Water Ski

  • Academy

  • Summer Campus

  • Parasailing

  • Jet Ski

  • Catamaran

  • Wake Board

  • Banana Bus

  • Fly Fish

  • Kayak



Enjoy free guided walks every Friday. Including the popular walk to the historic site of Les Torretes, by the famous Calella Light House.









Calella has invested numerous resources to improve and extend its offer of Sports Facilites.


There are currently plenty of training fields available for sports lovers.


Here is a list of a few of the available clubs and facilities:


  • Tennis Club

  • Swimming Club

  • Voleyball Club

  • Athletics Club

  • Ping Pong Club

  • Padel Club

  • Stadium

  • Soccer Field



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